MANi$H MuziK


MAN-i$H is the mannish perspective to all of life's opportunities by pushing forward in a Big Dawg/Boss fashion! You are experiencing the initial creation, to not only the Movement, but the Artist and the Label as well. MANi$H was born in Portland, OR and raised all up and down the West Coast from the burning streets in Southern Killafornia to the Cold azz streets of AK!

MANi$H Muzik is inspired by growing up in a single-parent household by a very young mother that attempted to provide the best ways she knew how....but the streets ended up being his only relation to Parents, Siblings and Mentors. For better or  worse....from Youth Detention Centers to Foster Homes/Group Homes, MANi$H learned to hustle out of his situations to catapult himself beyond his inflicted environments. MANi$H has maintained Focus and Determination to be "the change he wants to see" by ultimately being true to himself and embracing being a Coach/Teacher/Mentor to those he surrounds himself with. This music is from a mind of passion and perseverance. It's always insightful and sometimes crass, but the "in-your-face" consistency is relentlessly rewarding!

If you can relate/appreciate someone able to see beyond their situations, and an individual that's unwavering when it comes down to being a MAN in an era of Wimps....then you're in the right place at the RIGHT time!

Here you will find the vibes and info for upcoming shows/projects. Feel free to grab some merchandise to support the PU$H and be sure to leave your best email address to receive a free digital download and to stay up to date!